Gluten Free Friends

Our Gluten Free story… Almost 20 years ago my mom (and later my sis and step-mom too!) found out that removing gluten from her diet made myriad mysterious skin and tummy ailments disappear. Boy was it hard back then to not feel deprived. Gluten was everywhere, sneaking into foods you’d never imagine! When I opened Sola I wanted to make sure people like my mom and sister had more than just a token gluten free offering. That’s why we designed the majority of our recipes to be delicious without gluten. That’s why we consider it a triumph when our gluten free cakes and treats delight even non-GF-ers in their gorgeous deliciousness! You can look forward to an ever-emerging array of sweets and savories from Sola’s kitchens. Oh! Be sure to tell us you are gluten free so we make your entire order that way! Enjoy! ~Tiffany

Look for the GF symbol in our deli, hot and treats cases. We have a special gluten free treats case just for you featuring our amazing GF chocolate chip cookies, cakes, muffins, tarts and a whole lot more. All Sola dressings are gluten free and virtually all of our menu can accommodate gluten free needs. We make gluten free bread and pizza crusts in our brick oven bakery. And be sure to try our gluten free mac n cheese. A M A Z I N G !!

Sola’s menu is designed to be Gluten-free-friendly:

  • Our almond meal waffles are ALWAYS gluten free, served daily til noon weekends til 2pm.

  • Any sandwiches or paninis can be made on our house-made gluten free bread upon request

  • All of our sauces and salad dressings are GF too! (we use real GF mayo and wheat free tamari)

  • The bakery has a special GF room for separate ingredients and tools

  • Check out our daily selection of GF sweet treats, too!

Rest assured, if you are gluten free, we take every measure to make sure your meal is safe and delicious.

Be sure to tell us if you are gluten free!

We make a full selection of gluten free birthday and occasion cakes!

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