290 W Kagy, Bozeman, MT 59715 at the corner of S. 3rd & Kagy across from Museum of the Rockies

Sola Market

Welcome to the Sola Market!

Sola Cafe & Marketmarketwinephoto

We offer wholesome, local fare in a convenient location for our neighborhood, those who frequent Sola Café, and anyone passing through this side of town.

We strive to create a reciprocal relationship between Sola Café and our new Market. Many of our delicious ingredients used to make your Sola Café favorites are now also available in the Sola Market any night of the week.

Sola Market offers an array of healthy and convenient options that are hand-selected by some of the most knowledgeable foodies in the biz. You’ll find quick-pick options in the deli, sommelier selected wines, craft brews from around the nation, and fresh ingredients for a home cooked meal.

We only work with local vendors who can provide quality and consistency to both the Café and the Market.

Meet some of our trusted vendors.